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* Available Colors (Please select one):

If ordering more than one set in different colors, please order each color separately.


* Z-Axis Knob Color:

Please choose the color of the Z-Axis cover knob.

This Z-Axis cover fits over your stock, X-Carve Z axis motor.

PLEASE NOTE: Dust covers are NOT compatible with the X-Carve PRO model.

The manual adjustment knob allows you to move your z-axis up or down without having to use a wrench, socket, etc. (Please note, manually moving your stepper motors should never be done without first unplugging your XController. Stepper motors will generate an electrical charge when moved manually and can potentially damage your controller.)

This item is custom printed per order. Please allow 7-10 days for shipment. I make every effort to ship your product earlier whenever possible.

(Please note that 3D printed objects may have slight variations in the print surface, including visible "layer lines" that would not be apparent in an injection molded model. This is normal for a 3D printed part.)

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